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Q. What happens once I send in a question to Dr Nair?

A. Dr Nair will review the question for free to make sure it is suitable to answer online. After this you will receive an email with a link to set up your username and password on the Q&A page. You must provide a valid email while sending in your question to access this link. Clicking on the link will take you to a log in page where you will choose a username and password.

After logging in you will able to see your question and Dr Nair’s responses under the ‘Tickets’ header. You will also receive an email alert every time Dr Nair responds.


Q. What does ‘Follow Up’ mean while choosing a pricing option in the Paypal ‘Add to Cart’ button?

A. Dr Nair will often ask some questions or request pictures to gain more clarity on the problem before giving an answer. Once this is done each customer response in the Q&A thread is called a ‘Follow Up’. The number of these allowed will vary depending on the pricing option chosen. Also these Follow Up questions must pertain to the original topic asked about and be asked within a given time frame - this is 7 days for Option A, 14 days for Option B, and 30 days for Option C. The support ticket will be closed at the end of this period, or after the maximum number of follow ups. The answer provided by Dr Nair will however be stored indefinitely on the customer log in page under ‘Tickets’ and be available for viewing at any time in the future. New questions can be asked by opening a new ticket and choosing a payment option as per personal preference.


Q. Can Dr Nair provide a medical prescription for me online?

A. No unfortunately this is not possible due to prescription and licensing requirements being different in different parts of the world. Dr Nair’s answers are to be treated as only an informed opinion on the matter being discussed. They are in no way a substitute for seeing a doctor in person when required.


Q. Is Dr Nair available for a Skype or Phone Call conversation?

A. Dr Nair has a very busy practice and there are many demands on his time which make a Skype or Phone call conversation hard to do. Hence these are not a part of the scope of his services.

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